Peugeot and Opel with interesting offers for a car dealership in Sofia

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Sofia Motor Show 2017 at the Inter Expo Center in October will be one of the first events where two of the most popular European brands — Peugeot and Opel — will not only compete as competitors, but also as part of the PSA alliance, their co-owner. The deal of the decade in the automotive industry is expected to seriously change the numbers on the map of the European market, but there is no analyst yet to predict exactly what the results will be, both for individual brands and for the French group as a global player. But in any case, visitors will be interested to see the new models of the two brands, some of which promise to become bestsellers on the market.

The French from Peugeot ( are mainly betting on a line of SUVs, as well as on the new 308 — the successor to the «Car of the Year» in Europe in 2014. The new 7-seater SUV Peugeot 5008, the premiere of which will be presented by the President of France in Bulgaria. Emmanuel Macron chose it as his company car. Along with this, the Peugeot 3008, the first ever car in this class to win the Car of the Year award in Europe, will be on display. Since its launch, the model has won 28 international awards.

We’ll also see the 2008 Peugeot compact urban crossover, as well as the 108 and 208 small city models, the practical Peugeot 301 sedan and the luxurious Traveler. The company also relies on a wide range of scooters and bicycles.

The focus will also be on the new modification of the Peugeot 308 in its two versions GT and SW GT Line, which is betting on a technological offensive. The model has a Mirror Screen connection function with a capacitive screen and 3D navigation, as well as all modern security systems from a French manufacturer. These include Active Brake Assist, Cross-Traffic Warning, Driver Alertness Control, Automatic Adaptive High Beam, Traffic Sign Recognition, Adaptive Autopilot with Stop Function, Active Blind Spot Monitor, 180-degree video camera, Park Assist, etc. D.

The hatchback will now be available with a new 8-speed automatic transmission that is mated to the BlueHDi 180 S&S diesel engine. The sedan is also equipped with a smaller BlueHDi 130 S&S diesel unit, which can also be combined with this gearbox. This engine is 6% more economical than its predecessor, although it is 10 horsepower more powerful than its predecessor.

For its part, Opel, a new addition to the PSA alliance, will introduce 4 new cars with a focus on the second-generation Insignia. The model will be presented in two versions — Grand Sport and raised station wagon Sports Tourer, which fans of the brand will see for the first time. The flagship of the Germans is almost 200 kg lighter than the previous one and, in addition to design, impresses with a large number of high-tech solutions. Among them are advanced IntelliLux matrix LED front lights, as well as a modern set of driver assistance technologies.

In addition, the Insignia ( will offer top-notch connectivity with a smartphone, which now offers another new Opel OnStar convenience, the Personal Assistant. This allows car passengers to make hotel reservations, search for a nearby restaurant, and find suitable parking spaces with the help of an OnStar employee who speaks their language.

The model is also interested in an 8-speed automatic transmission, as well as an all-wheel drive system with a «torque vectoring» function that aims to redirect torque to where it is most needed. High-performance engines are available for the Insignia with a 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 260 hp. at the top of the range.

Fans of the brand will also be able to see the new crossovers Opel — Crossland X and Grandland X in Sofia. The first demonstrates the advantages of the brand’s SUV models in normal conditions, offering a segment-leading trunk volume of 520 units. liters. It is also equipped with new ergonomic seats certified by the German orthopedic company, as well as state-of-the-art safety systems and driver assistants.

Larger — Opel Grandland X, in turn, relies on off-road design, spacious interior space and high technology. These include adaptive cruise control with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency stop, driver drowsiness alert, parking assist and a 360° camera. Award-winning ergonomic seats are also available for passenger comfort.

The German manufacturer is also launching a new Opel Exclusive program for the Bulgarian market. His first model will be the new Insignia. The program allows brand buyers to choose an individual look for their car in accordance with their personal taste and style.

MIDLAND Ltd. will also present its products at the Salon in Sofia. This is the only official representative in Bulgaria of the Swiss company Oel-Brack AG, which produces lubricants under the Midland trademark. The manufacturer develops high-tech synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral motor, transmission and hydraulic oils for cars, vans and motorcycles, as well as for trucks, construction, agricultural and industrial equipment. The company also manufactures complementary products for their maintenance, such as lubricants, antifreezes, additives (fuel improvers, cleaners, sealants, antiwear agents) and sprays. The company has the highest certificates for world quality standards, constantly expanding the range of products offered.

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